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MyHistory...Macromastia and Me

I am not going to go into detail about my experience with macromastia. If you have been with me since Day One you know all about it and how it has affected me from when I was young to even now…well, maybe not the current implications.

Basically when I was about 11 years old I started to develop. I developed fast and all in the chest region. By 8th grade I was a 38D-cup, by 10th grade I was a 40F. But during that time, when my folks (mainly my mom) was wondering just what the heck was going on, that’s when I was diagnosed. Basically my hormones were all out of whack and it was supercharging my breast growth.

I was quite embarrassed about myself, felt awkward with such enormous boobs. I felt like a freak though when my family insisted I get breast reduction, I said no way. I think I was mainly afraid of the knife and what sort of scars I’d end up with, but I also think (looking back on it now) that I secretly didn’t want to be smaller.

I can’t say that even though I had big boobs in high school garnered me a lot of attention. I had a small group of friends in which I hung out with. The girls were all supermodels in my eyes. They were the Daphne’s and I was the Velma…with huge boobs. They seemed all slender and the guys chased after them. I felt all fat and felt I looked like a cow. I certainly had the two big udders to be one.

Anyway, if you need to read more about macromastia, go here:

The definition and other related commentary:

“Macromastia (gigantomastia), an uncommon clinical entity, has been referred to as massive enlargement of breasts in non-obese women.

The cause of this disorder is not understood. The breast is a target for most hormones that act in concert to promote mammogenesis, lactogenesis and galactopoiesis. Glandular proliferation which begins at puberty and is intensified during pregnancy is dependent on progesterone. Oestrogen has a greater influence on the ductular growth. Prolactin, which is essential for lactogenesis, also appears to co-ordinate the effects of oestrogen and progesterone on breast tissue. Other hormones including T4, growth hormone, cortisol, insulin and human placental lactogen have permissive roles in the developmental or pathogenetic states of breast. Although it has been postulated that end-organ responsiveness to various hormones may be aetiologically responsible, this response has not been quantified and remains only a hypothesis. The unilateral nature of this disorder in patient lends support to the concept that local factors play a more important role in the causation of this disorder.”

Hmmm…"local factors play a more important role in the causation of this disorder."

We’ll discuss that next. Can you say ENLARGMENT FANTASIES?


Blogger Tigarr said...

well, I did e-mail you a bit of my history (but still not sure if my e-mails are getting through or not...hmmm)

they were the Daphne's and you were the Velma? I was more like the Shaggy (just not as tall... still as goofy at times.. :P ) to all the other guy's Fred's.

9:21 AM  
Blogger Dab said...

I have never heard of your condition'but you sure are taking it well. You are good humored and open and share what is going on with you in a broad sense.

5:10 PM  
Blogger Machiavellian said...

hey this may seem odd, but i googled macromastia and found your name.
technically macromastia is a very subjective diagnosis. Breasts are an object of femininity and thus many women prefer having larger breasts which makes macromastia under reported. Macromastia clinically is having breasts large enough to cause a patient discomfort- backaches and lethargy.
However many clinicians under report this phenomena and attribute backaches to stress and job related ergonomics, thus prescribing long hours of physiotherapy which strengthen the back muscles and alleviates the strain of mobility with macromastia.

11:23 AM  
Blogger scooterbreal said...

The post that I have been reading from you ladies "blessed" w/ macromastia all seemed to have this common theme that when you ladies were younger, the popular peer groups were telling you ladies that you were unattractive, unacceptable, and not desired-THAT SEEMS MINDBLOWING TO ME, and I hope more women grow comfortable w/ who they are as opposed to going under the surgeon's knife and mutilating themselves to look like some malnourished actress. LATE

12:40 PM  
Blogger bymgf said...

Maybe it was tough sometimes in school for you, but to me, this smacks of guys boo-hooing over having giant schlongs, as if having the kind of endowments people fantasize about is so debilitating. I can have empathy with someone who was awkward time during puberty, but I think posts like this trivialized actual disabilities, and that's irresponsible.

9:36 PM  
Blogger maxine said...

bymgf you have no idea. M y daughter has this condition She is a34 double J. She has severe back pain headaches a curved spine and a recent x ray showed severe back muscle damage, she was rweferred to a phsio who said her damage wasso severe she wrote a lettter of support for a breast reduction, She has just been told by the surgeon that she might not get the operation as it is considered cosmetic and is not affecting her health. So why are people treated for aches pains and muscle damage every day Disgusting. please do not belittle this condition, I hateb to see my daughter struggle to lift or play with her children,

2:32 PM  
Blogger maxine said...

please excuse my typing errors

2:34 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Girl, I know how you feel. I began puberty at about 10 and throughout my adolescence watched my breasts grow exponentially.I couldn't accept my D cup at 12 and hated all the gawking looks I received from older men. I felt very ashamed because I was a little girl and had the body of a woman which I was not prepared to deal with socially. I am tiny and well, my breasts are quite out there and haven't subsided, quickly turning into a DD, then a DDD and to my current 34G. I am 26, 5'2" and have been healthy and active my whole life trying my best to push through the sometimes excruciating back and shoulder pain. The thing is, breasts in out culture are objectified and at an early age, women with larger breasts recognize this due to all the attention they receive. It's has been difficult to bear the social and physical effects of Macromastia, at times being very debilitating. Do not listen to those ignorant remarks of Macromastia infringing "real disabilities." A disability is disability and there is no hierarchy especially in terms of those living our lives with one. Because, that's just it, nobody lives our lives except for us and judgments which are passed by others looking in are not our truths and thus we hold no responsibility to them. I know what it is like to wake up in the morning in pain and wonder how smoothly my day will be accomplished just as so many other women with Macromastia do. Power to you, your breasts and living a life of love, peace and responsibility. Thank you for the blog. It's such a relief to know there are other women who have experienced and are experiencing my similar stories.

12:03 PM  
Blogger oklin said...

9:58 AM  
Blogger barak said...

To Maxine and Sarah:

Some info you may want.

I've done quite a bit of research regarding this type of condition, and I'm sorry to hear of your daughters present status with the way it's affecting her. Just a quick note. There are 87 hormones in the body that regulate growth, 12 are specifically linked with reproduction, which would include breast growth. Not to get too deep or technical, every person on the planet has differnt dietary needs, but what is certain is we do not get the necessary amount of nutrients our bodies require to do the job or regulating these area's of growth.

A good friend of our's is married to a woman who has this condition, and she has been able to completely keep it under control, and show's no sign of the condition but does have this condition. She has been experiencing extremely positive results.

If you would like information and studies that have been done regarding this. I'd be happy to send them to you. You can email me at ""

God Bless your family and have a great night.


10:49 PM  
Blogger Todd B. said...

I would be keen to chatting more about macromastia. I have never really taken it seriously, in fact, I thought it was something made up to sell porn.
However, I have spoken to a couple of woman about it and there seems to be a great deal to appreciate about woman who have it.

Keep in touch. :)

5:34 PM  
Blogger Mama C said...

Hi - I came across your blog while searching for women with macromastia. I’m casting a new documentary style series for a Major Cable Network and I’m looking for women with naturally extremely large breasts (J cup and above). The show will follow around several women as they navigate dating, job hunting, and the day-to-day challenges of living with super sized breasts.

We’re looking Nationwide, here in the states, for women 18-45, any ethnicity.

Thank you!

Charisse Simonian
Casting Director 
Big Fish Casting

10:40 AM  

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